1955 Chris Craft Cavalier


This Classic Boat is owned by Richard & Cara Moist


1955 Chris Craft Cavalier 15′ “Chickadee” owned by Dick & Cara Moist. This classic runabout (Hull # V221) is powered by a Chris Craft A inboard 60 hp.

Chickadee started life in Indianapolis, IN in 1955. Was purchased by Dr. Charles “Chick” Comer for his brother Dr. Kenny Comer, who had just bought a summer cottage in upper Wisconsin on Little Saint Germain Lake. Very soon after the purchase, Dr. Chick passed away before having had a chance to ride in the boat. So you can see where the name came from.

In 1965 Dick and Cara met Dr. Chick’s son Dr. Jonathan “Jot” Comer and his wife Gwen at Great Lakes Naval Training Center where we were both serving as Dental officers. During the course of the next few years, we would meet and become friends, all associated with the Chickadee. As age took its course Dr. Kenny died and his wife Clair wanted Jot to have the boat. It was hauled to Mooresville, IN where the families lived.

The Moists traveled to Mooresville each year for the Indy 500 and Jot and family came to MO in the summer to boat. Moists brought the boat to Springfield for minor repair and to run it on Table Rock Lake. A couple of years later the boat went back to IN to be used there for one year. That winter Jot died from prostate cancer. The boat was stored for two years before we bought it and brought it back to Springfield in 2001. At that time it underwent a complete refinishing and motor rebuild, bringing it to modern standards.

It now resides on Table Rock Lake at the Ozarks Yacht Club dock on Indian point. It comes out for evening rides and ACBS events.