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1956 Lyman Runabout

EZ Rider

This Classic Boat is owned by Bruce Hurst

E Z Rider” 1956 Lyman 18’ Runabout Inline GrayMarine Flat Head 6 cyl 100 hp Owned by Bruce Hurst and Correne Wahlmer of Sand Springs, OK

E Z Rider is a “Lapstrake” built with lapping plywood strips on white oak frames. The deck trim is mahogany plywood, the seats are mahogany. The boat was built in Sandusky, Ohio. The original owner Mr. Von Ellis owned the boat until 1975. After several owners, Bob Van Dyke purchased it in 2007 but never put it in the water. We purchased it from him on 4/27/2011.

The first cleanup process included taking out the gas tank to clean it, overhauling the starter, glue the after deck back in place, plus a bit of varnish work. We tried it out at the sailboat club on Lake Keystone. The engine ran quite well but the boat leaked a LOT, anyway, we took it to Table Rock and had a good time with it.

After returning home I started stripping the paint inside and out. A previous owner had used a bathtub caulk down all the seams on the bottom which started to peel back. It looked like hair hanging off the bottom. The boat was stripped to bare wood, then sealed with four coats of CPES inside and out before the primer coats were added. Four coats of Pettit Bright White finished the job.

The windshield frame was badly split so I decided to try my hand at making one from scratch. I obtained enough Sapele board to do the job. It took a lot of figuring, cutting, gluing & routing to make a pretty decent-looking windshield. All the varnished parts on the inside of the boat were stripped of varnish, most of the seats were split and needed to be glued back together, sanded, sealed and revarnished. The transom had been sanded through the veneer so back to the woodshop for more Sapele to build a new one.

Bob Van Dyke had a previous Lyman named Easy Bottom. This one was E Z Bottom 2, but we renamed her E Z Rider because of the smooth ride you get in a lapstrake boat. After two years of work, she’s a fun boat to have back in the water!