It’s been 39 years since this 1959 Chris Craft Continental was purchased by Bob Gallagher.

The restoration of Bonnie Sue II is finally FINISHED.

Owner and restorer Bob Gallagher says, “I have been a member of ACBS for over 40 years, starting in 1984 when I purchased my 1959 Chris-Craft Continental.  I have not been really active in the Chapters over this period as I have spent a lot of hours of available time working on my Continental in whatever state I was living.

Virtually everything on this boat has been restored to original, including a new Corvette engine installed in 1984.”

1959 Chris Craft Continental
1959 Chris Craft Continental

Pictures of Bonnie Sue II can be found in the Member Boats Showcase in the group of Classic Boats ranging from 1955 through 1960.  This mid-section of CLASSIC BOATS saw the beginning of fiberglass pleasure boats as well as the era of fins.  Explore this gallery at 

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1959 Chris Craft Continental
1959 Chris Craft Continental
1959 Chris Craft Continental

Heartland Classics members are looking forward to seeing Bonnie Sue II and Bob and Bonnie at the 2024 Chapter Events.  Now that she’s ready, Bonnie Sue II will reside at Lake of the Ozarks.