Richard Moist started this project in September 2020, – during the Covid-19 shutdown.  And now in July 2021, “Hanna Leigh” was launched on Table Rock Lake.  This 1960 Thompson Lancer is a great boat for this lake.  Eye-catching with her bright yellow hull, safe and secure, and powered with an 85 hp Johnson to which power trim was added, she’ll be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

Video was taken by John Thompson on launch day, July 17, 2021.

The story of reconstruction and restoration follows:

Restoration of a 1960 Thompson Lancer … in progress

On September 17, 2020, Richard Moist brought a 1960 17 ft Thompson Lancer home to his community shop.  It was obvious that the sides needed refinishing as well as the decks.  It did have a nicely done new transom.  

Of course, the bottom needed “MUCH love”.

Richard and friends got to work.  The boat had a new transom but had epoxy poured into the hull to cover rot.  Also had glass on the outside of the hull to cover rot.

January 17, 2021  Now the hull needs one more coat, then ready for the flip.

“Looking for period motor” was the next message.

Richard found a 1972 85 hp Johnson advertised on Facebook Marketplace in north-central Missouri.

Having the engine run was big deal and to run so good is a real plus.  Slowly working toward making it float!

What’s next?  Trying to get parts together to have power trim and tilt.

On November 21st, this message came: “Today was a big day.  The motor ran. Started just like new!  We replaced the power pack with a CDI system, new plugs, rebuilt fuel pump, rebuild carburetors, new fuel hoses, new plug wires, reset points, new water pump impeller and seals, new lower unit oil, and checked everything as we were all looking for problems before  the start.”

Jan. 16, 2021 Now waiting two weeks to cure before the Big Turn.

Jan. 30, 2021, Right side up again. Turning went well under direction of son Ed. NEXT: top side work.

7/17/21 Launched “Hannah Leigh” and “she runs and floats!”