Co-Chairs of the Event

Dan Diehl and Chuck Gibbs

Saturday Show Time

Looking Back … 2019 Grand Lake Show

Early Birds enjoyed the bonus cruising day on Grand Lake of the Cherokees in northeastern Oklahoma. They docked at long-time members Chick and Karon Wheat’s dock and had Karon’s famous Thursday Lake Lunch.

Thursday evening, the weekenders began to arrive for the gathering dinner at the Arrowhead Yacht Club at the host Marina.  Then Friday morning, more boats launched, and the Friday crowd headed by boat to lunch at Shangri-La, a nice, HOT cruise on the lake.

Friday evening was a return to the shrimp/crawdad boil up “Duck Creek”, a good time for “boat pooling” to get there.

Friday Morning Attendees

… at least those who were not already busy at the dock

Even a Model T came to the show

Rafe Hunsucker recently restored and reassembled this Model T.  

Head Judge Clay Thompson summarized the event, judging process, and the Awards here:

New for this year is the HINTON AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE TROPHY. A perpetual award for a member’s service to the club.  It is named for Larry and Jan Hinton, club founders, and longtime boaters and supporters of Heartland Classics.  This award serves as a physical record of the wonderful people that have been of service to the boat club’s affairs, over the years.

This year’s field of boat entrants was over 40, and 24 signed up to be judged. That’s where I come in, and I had a great group of guys and gals to help me get all the judging done, and on time. Lots of beautiful wood and fiberglass boats to inspect. As most of you know, all boats arrive at the show with a considered 100 points, and the judges check them inside and out for cleanliness, correctness, and condition, to reveal any discrepancies that would subtract from that showroom perfect 100.  “Defects” may be too harsh a word, but certainly anything lacking from a perfect boat would be a point or so off.  Missing bow flag, old tired varnish, and dirty bilge or engine, or even more minor, incorrect screw style, or staples where tacks were used. Yes, everything is checked! Several small things can add up, so many boat owners go to great lengths to get a good score.  With 7 or less points deducted, a Platinum award is achieved, 87 to 92 wins you a gold award, and then finally a silver for more issues. The good news is that all boats land somewhere in that area, and those without a platinum level award, may hopefully be motivated to work on their boats for a better score next year.

One can visit the ACBS website and members may download a score sheet.  Use this to evaluate your own boat, making improvements at home to be more show ready.  Not interested in having your boat judged? No problem, it is not for everyone, as some owners just like coming to a relaxed show. Many members worked hard this year to arrange a variety of activity cruises and fun food destinations, hats off to them for all their work.  I never leave a Grand Lake boat show hungry, that is for sure.

Lastly, I have included a list of 2019 award winners, but if you attended, you were the real winner, CLAY THOMPSON

Silver Award Winners:

  • Steven Dagg –  1957 CC Holiday – “Carter/ Rae”
  • Tony Fure – 1980 Aqua Lark  – “Lane’s Boat”
  • Ward Brasses – 1958 Speedlliner  “Miss K”

Gold Award Winners:

  • Sherman Langell – 1969 Lyman Sleeper – “Lil’ Yeller”
  • Bobby Gibson – 1959 Century Resorter – “Dr. Bob”
  • Scott Myers – 1946 Garwood Ensign – “Ngo Said Yes”
  • Rafe Hunsucker – 1960 CC Cavalier – “Irish Mist”
  • Jay Emerson – 1986 Carter
  • Tony Fure – 1975 Glastron CVX16 – “Logan’s Boat”
  • Dan Lorant – 1972 CC Constellation – “Phaeteon”
  • Jim Conner – 1991 Hacker – “Untouchable”
  • Paul Hastings – 1964 Riva Aquarama – “Champagne Taste”
  • Ward Brasses – 1974 Century Coronado – “Eclectic Waves”
  • Scott Hendren – 1987 Cobalt – “Wax On Wax Off”
  • Chuck Gibbs – 1974 Cobalt –

Platinum Award Winners

  • Pete Seitz – 1967 Campbell – “Renegade”
  • Alex Barry – 1984 Cobalt –
  • Chuck Gibbs – 1989 Century Arabian
  • Steve Spinharney – 1955 CC Cobra – “Fintastic”
  • Buddy Butler – 1940 CC Custom Runabout – “Woodwind”
  • David White – 1971 CC Commander – “Two Questions”
  • Phil Hennage – 1964 CC Cruiser – “Lady Gay”
  • Don Parker – 1951 CC Outboard Motor 5.5hp
  • Carl Dietz – 1958 Century Coronado – “It’s all Good”

Annual Chapter Awards

  • Safety Award – Sherman Langell
  • Best Non Wood – Pete Seitz – “Renegade”
  • Corinthian Award – Dick & Cara Moist
  • President’s Cup – Kathleen Barrett
  • Hinton Excellence Award – Mike & Denese Yancey
  • People’s Choice Award – Dan & Alicia Diehl – “Bella Vita”
  • Best of Show Award – Steve Spinharney – “Fintastic”

Best of Show

“Fintastic” 1955 Chris Craft Cobra owned by Steve Spinharney

Safety Award

“Lil’ Yeller” 1969 Lyman Sleeper owned by Skip Langell

Best Non-Wood

“Renegade” 1967 Campbell Racer owned by Pete and Ramona Seitz

People's Choice

“Bella Vita” 1959 Riva Ariston owned by Dan and Alicia Diehl

Public Boat Show
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Arrowhead Yacht Club & Marina, Grand Lake

TitleAddress Description
2019 Mahogany & Chrome Boat Show
32894 S 4507 Rd, Afton, OK 74331, USA

Arrowhead Yacht Club & Marina

Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show

Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show is held by the Heartland Classics Chapter of ACBS. Traditionally, this show is held early in September on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees in NE Oklahoma. This event is the only judged boat show within Heartland Classics Chapter. Each year home port is at Arrowhead Yacht Club & Marina in Afton, Oklahoma.