It was a colorful show with Antique to Contemporary, small to large, and Grand Lake homeport to long-distance haul.

This example view shows a 1977 Chris Craft Super Sport “Class of 77” owned by Phil & Gay Hennage of Oklahoma, a 1952 Century Sea Maid “Maid in America” owned by Karl Dietz of Texas, and a 1972 Century Resorter “It’s Miller Time” owned by Doug & Stacy Heinsohn of Missouri.

Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show ~ 2021 ~

on Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees, September 9th thru September 11th, 2021.

The 28th Annual Heartland Classics Grand Lake Event is in the books leaving participants with great memories of a fine weekend among friends and beautiful antique and classic boats.

Special thanks go to Chuck Gibbs and Dan Diehl for planning the event and all of the volunteers along the way.  Once more, Joe Harwood and his Arrowhead staff provided a great venue for the event and delicious food on Show Day.

Many of the pictures for this report have been borrowed from Facebook postings by attendees.  Special thanks to Jackie Smick for capturing every boat. 

The event included cruising on Thursday and Friday, many opportunities to eat together, and of course, the public Mahogany & Chrome Show on Saturday.  

Chuck Gibbs, Chapter President, also served as the Event Chair.

Dan Diehl, Chief Judge, also served as the Event Co-Chair.

These unique beautiful trophies were made by Dan Diehl.

While the public admired and inquired about the boats, many of the boats were judged (upon request) according to the ACBS standards. 

A boat was considered perfect as it originally left the showroom floor – that would be a 100 point boat.  Some safety upgrades are acceptable, but other modifications or disrepair decrease the score.

Pictures for this report were shared by Randy James and Jackie Smick.

Platinum Winners -Boats scoring 97 to 100 points.

Pictured l to r: Tim Yarbrough, Phil Wolff, Randy James, Karl Dietz, Steve Spinharney, Rafe Hunsucker

MOXY – 1994 Hugh Saint, Inc. Sheerliner owned by Robert Jackson.  Also, PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD

MISCHIEF – 1962 Chris Craft Holiday owned by Tim Yarbrough

CLASS OF 77 – 1977 Chris Craft Super Sport owned by Phil & Gay Hennage

FINNTASTIC – 1955 Chris Craft Cobra owned by Steve Spinharney

TWEETER – 1964 Century Ski Dart owned by Rusty Noahr

WOODWIND – 1940 Chris Craft Barrelback owned by Buddy & Sherri Butler

IRISH MIST – 1960 Chris Craft Cavalier owned by Rafe Hunsucker

’68 – 1968 Century Resorter owned by Phil Wolff

EI8HT AGAIN – 1966 Larson All American owned by Randy James

MAID IN AMERICA – 1952 Century Sea Maid owned by Karl Dietz

Gold Winners -Boats scoring 92 to 96 points.

pictured l to r: Logan Fure, Eric Grimshaw, Ward Brasses

1975 Glastron CV 16 owned by Logan Fure

NAMECI VI – 1964 Chris Craft Constellation owned by Eric Grimshaw

ECLECTIC WAVES – 1974 Century Coronado owned by Ward & Karen Brasses

PHAEACIAN – 1972 Chris Craft Constellation owned by Dan Lorant

Silver Winners – Boats scoring 87 to 91 points.

pictured l t0 r: Lane Fure, Doug Heinsohn, Ward Brasses

LADY LIBERTY – 1956 Century Coronado owned by Ward & Karen Brasses

ALWAYS OURS – 1965 Lonestar Biscayne owned by Ward & Karen Brasses

SMALL FRY – 1980 Aqua Lark owned by Lane Fure & Tony Fure

IT’S MILLER TIME – 1972 Century Resorter owned by Doug & Stacy Heinsohn

1964 Correct Craft owned by Sean & Sarah Adair

… a few other AWARDS …

SAFETY AWARD – to the Fure Family

CENTURY AWARD – 1989 Century Arabian owned by Chuck Gibbs

The 2021 President’s Cup awarded to Jenni Webber for stepping up for the Secretary’s position and then Ship’s Store Chair.

CHRIS CRAFT AWARD – to Don & Kathy Parker for continuous service to the Chapter

… other Show Highlights and Participants …

1968 Donzi Corsican owned by Pete & Ramona Seitz

RUMBLE – 1974 Chris Craft XK-19 owned by Susan Miller, displayed by Kyle Jamar

MOOR LEGACY – 1984 Cobalt owned by Andrew McBride

1959 Dyer Glamour Girl owned by Steve Seale

Ship’s Store – with Jennie Webber, Mark Engstrom, & Sherri Butler.

1966 Sanger 19.4′ named SIXTEEN CANDLES owned by Pete & Ramona Seitz

WAX ON ~ WAX OFF – 1987 Cobalt Condesa owned by Scott & Linda Hendren

A SMALL VICTORY – 1976 IMP Aztec owned by Robert Schultz

GREEN HORNET – 1965 Jones Hydro owned by Paul Hastings

The NEWEST BOAT – In 2015 John Hoff completed this Chris Craft replica model 19 named Thunderbolt

JUST ROAMIN – 1962 Chris Craft Roamer owned by Pete & Ramona Seitz

HIGH EXPECTATIONS – 1937 Chris Craft Custom Barrelback owned by Bob & Linda Kanak – a Grand Lake Tradition

Experience through this video the 2021 Grand Lake Event including the boat cruises and the Mahogany & Chrome Show. The video was produced by Heartland Classics member David Kanally.  The photography was done at the event by member David Sheets using a GoPro camera.

Thanks to David and David for sharing this event with all of us.

Public Boat Show
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Arrowhead Yacht Club & Marina, Grand Lake

Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show

Mahogany & Chrome Classic Boat Show is held by the Heartland Classics Chapter of ACBS. Traditionally, this show is held early in September on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees in NE Oklahoma. This event is the only judged boat show within Heartland Classics Chapter. Each year home port is at Arrowhead Yacht Club & Marina in Afton, Oklahoma.