The 2021 LOTO Classic Boat & Engine Rendezvous
May 14-15, 2021
Margaritaville at Lake of the Ozarks

So many GREAT things happen at a rainy boating event weekend:
1. Old timers and newbies still came together

2. There were windows for cruising in calm water and no rain – especially Friday evening.

3. The Saturday show still drew spectators 

… other boats and scenes from the weekend …

4.  Great events happen because of great planning!  Thanks to Mark Engstrom and John Mason along with Jenni Webber and Mary Mason.

(That’s a pirate’s hat on John Mason – not a shock of gray hair from this event.)

1950 Chris Craft U-22 with RainShield owned by John & Carolynn Thompson

1989 Century Arabian owned by Chuck Gibbs

1960 Span American owned by Jane & John Treppler

1955 Correct Craft Commuter owned by Renee and Todd Weitekamp

1976 IMP Aztec Hardtop owned by Robert & Teddy Schultz

On-land displays anchored with Heartland Ships Store and BigThunder Marine sponsor tent.

1958 Chris Craft XK-22 owned by Kevin Hogan

1961 Owens Flagship Cruiser owned by Kyle & Russell Stansbury

1964 Lyman Sleeper owned by Mark Engstrom

2013 Chris Craft Silver Bullet owned by Forrest & Kally Bryant

1966 Larson, one family-owned boat on display by Randy James.

1958 Starcraft Jetstar 15 named Tin Fin owned by Mark Engstrom

1950 Chris Craft U-22 owned by John & Carolynn Thompson

1972 Chris Craft Ski-Jet owned by Steve Spinharney

1973 Century Resorter owned by Warren & Rhonda Neighbour

1960 Chris Craft Cavalier owned by Dave & Cheri Bonacker

1957 Lyman owned by Elizabeth & Steve Bradbury

1961 Owens Flagship owned by Kyle & Russell Stansbury

1955 Correct Craft Commuter owned by Renew and Todd Weitekamp

Sunday Breakfast at Mark Engstrom’s home was such a fine way to end the LOTO event.  We got to visit the chickens, the shop, the dogs, and his charming lake house and then visit on the dock – a dock for boats and a living space for cooking, dining, and visiting.  And Jenni had laid out a delicious, beautiful breakfast buffet.

Owning a classic boat is a ticket to many things besides maintenance.  There’s pride in owning a piece of unique history.  Each boat has a story and each guardian has their own story full of memories and dreams.  It’s also a ticket to fun events with classic friends around the country.

The event at Lake of the Ozarks allowed classic boat enthusiasts to share those stories and use their boats.  Thanks are owed to Mark Engstrom, John Mason, Jenni Webber, Mary Mason, and others of the LOTO area who made this fun weekend a success.

Photo contributors to this post are Randy James, John Thompson, Paul Jenkins, and Kathy Parker

An active group of Classic Boat boaters live around Lake of the Ozarks.  They frequently meet for coffee and to share expertise and stories.

Find them on Facebook … Loto Classic Boats