The 2022 Heartland Classics Winter Workshop was held at members’ shop by Lake of the Ozarks on March 5, 2022.  A lot of learning and sharing took place among the 48 attendees.



The Workshop was held in the large shop owned by Jim Mader and Bob McQuain.

Attendees fit comfortably in the shop along with four boats in various stages of restoration – and tools, and workbenches, and living facilities.

THANK YOU to these great hosts!

The featured boat was a 1926 Indian Lake Dart, 26′ with a Kermath 6 cylinder engine.  Like every boat, she has a story.  McQuain and Mader purchased this boat in 1986 and began to rebuild her to original specifications.

Darts were constructed originally in Lima, Ohio in the Roaring 1920s, then later in Toledo, Ohio.  The company dissolved in 1931.  Darts were long and narrow, lightweight, with enough power to outrun the coast guard to transport liquor during the years of prohibition.

When this boat was purchased in 1986, McQuain and Mader literally bought out all of the African Mahogany available.  They researched original specifications by traveling to museums and measuring components of other salvaged Darts.

The original Dart was powered with a Kermath engine.  One was found, although the engine was seized.  They rebuilt the Kermath which is now installed in the boat.


For replanking, the mahogany was resawed with a planer to create sister planks for each side.  Planks were riveted to the white oak frame since the hull is not double planked – thus keeping the boat lighter.  Multiple coats of stain have been applied to match the original color.  Now the wood waits for 30-36 applications of varnish – that will be brightwork!

Original gauges have been found and brought back to life. Chrome adornment, such as the cutwater, (shown in picture) is beyond repair.  Al Stoller, a neighboring Heartland member, created a precise jig with a female frame and male replica of the original cutwater fitting.  From that, Steve Bonacker formed and welded a new, perfectly fitted cutwater which is currently being chromed.

This 2022 Winter Workshop was so well organized as well as interesting.  John Mason was chair of the event and the MC for the day.

Mark Engstrom talked about membership in ACBS and previewed the Heartland Classics annual events.

From donuts and drinks upon arrival to Subway sack lunches, the attendees were well fed and comfortable.

Attendees were encouraged to ask questions AND give answers.  A table full of silent auction items donated by members also got attention while raising money for the club.  The Chapter’s Ship Store was set up by Jenni Webber.

Josh and Lacy Zurmiller from nearby Stover, Missouri brought products to show and sell from Paints Plus.  Josh’s informative presentation focused on fiberglass restoration including the pros and cons of paint vs. gel coat.

Jerry Ahrends of Ahrends Marine described the process of maintaining, restoring, and using old outboard engines.  He uses original gas tanks when possible.

The Annual Winter Restoration Workshop

Heartland Classics’ restoration workshop gives the opportunity for classic boaters to come together to learn and share knowledge about classic boating and the preservation of vintage and classic boats of all types.

Topics covered at past workshops include wood boat repair, boat plank replacement, stripping, staining & varnishing wooden boats, fiberglass boat repair, and engine maintenance.

Heartland Classics silent auction / swap meet is held at this event. Attendees bring unwanted marine “stuff” to donate to the club for the silent auction. Proceeds help fund the Mahogany & Chrome Newsletter.

For 18 years, the workshop has been organized by the Workshop Event Chair, Dan Diehl and held at Howard Classic Boats by Grand Lake in Oklahoma.  2022 is the first Winter Workshop to be held at Lake of the Ozarks organized by John Mason.​