The 2022 Lake of the Ozarks (LOTO) Classic Boat Rendezvous
May 12-15, 2022 @ Hawks Landing Resort



This 2022 LOTO event was truly a RENDEZVOUS where friends gathered to use their classic boats and enjoy spring in the Ozarks. There was time to get to know each other.  It was not a public show, but rather an event planned for the enjoyment of our own members.

If you were there, is it the cruising that you’ll remember? 

Or will your memories flash first to the sit-arounds with smores and storytelling?

You always feel welcomed at a Heartland event!

First meal - Thursday evening at Captain Ron's

Bagel Boxes - then cruise - Subway lunch - cruise some more

Such colorful boats – and people, too!

1954 Peterborough owned by Chris & Scott Schaefer

1958 Thompson Off-Shore owned by Marty & Barb Thompson

1960 Thompson Sea-Lancer owned by Dick & Cara Moist

1964 Lyman Sleeper owned by Mark Engstrom

1968 Thompson Sea Lancer owned by Jack & Cheryl Hartwig

1969 Chris Craft XK Super Sport owned by Steve Spinharney

1969 Lyman Cruisette owned by Skip Langell

1989 Century Arabian owned by Chuck Gibbs

1981 Century Coronado owned by Paul & Kay Jenkins

1984 Cobalt CS-7 owned by Alex & Linda Barry

1972 Century Resorter owned by Doug & Stacy Heinsohn

1990 Cobalt 21CC owned by Mark Beacom

1966 Larson 166 owned by Randy James

2013 Chris Craft Silver Bullet owned by Forrest & Kally Bryant

Friday evening meal at Nautifish Rum Bar. Looks like fun!

Marshmallows, Smores, Boat Talk, Good times !

Photos for this recap have been shared from the Heartland Classics Chapter Facebook Group postings AND from Ken and Ro Everett.

Heading home Sunday morning - a race against the storm clouds.

THANKS to Mark Engstrom and Jenni Webber and also John and Mary Mason for planning this whole Rendezvous which had something for everyone in a relaxed fun filled weekend.

Mark and Jenni in Island Girl were IT in a game of Hide & Seek with boats on the lake.  And John is now known as the “consumate storyteller”.

All ages had a great time and the sign-up for next year has already begun.

An active group of Classic Boat boaters live around Lake of the Ozarks.  They frequently meet for coffee and to share expertise and stories.

Find them on Facebook … Loto Classic Boats