The 2023 Lake of the Ozarks (LOTO) Classic Boat Rendezvous
May 18-21, 2023 @ Hawks Landing Resort



Here’s a Window with a View of the
LOTO Rendezvous Weekend

The Heartland Classics Welcome sign at the entrance to Hawks Landing Resort set the tone for the whole weekend.

Hawks Landing Sunrise By Kerry Jensen

 There was “free time” cruising, but also cruising to meal destinations.  Lake of the Ozarks has lots of fun lakeside eateries and the classic boats at the dock always drew a lot of attention.

Thursday Evening at The Cave

Friday Evening at Nautifish

Saturday Lunch at Bear Bottom

Classic transportation to most meals

Togetherness was the theme, it seems, whether in a cruising line or packed in a wagon.

– or by Ozark Public Transportation

     Ah – but there was some trouble in paradise …

Trouble One

Wheel Bearings failure en route, but determination and skill fixed the problem.

Trouble Two

A close encounter with a submerged log meant using a spare prop.

Trouble Three

Floating again after total submersion, then pump-out, “Hello Dolly” gets a tow-in.

There were 20 boats ranging from 14′ to 26′ and from 1954 to 2013,
and 60 people from eight states representing 31 ACBS memberships.

Here are some snapshots of boats and people taken and shared by Neil Hoehle, Becky Caddell, John Thompson, Jackie Smick, Marilyn Davenport, Mark Beacom, the Parkers, and Jensens.

“Ei8ht Again” 1956 Larson 16′ 166 owned by Randy James

“My Phoenix” 1960 Cobalt 21CC owned by Mark Beacom

“Big Thom” 1963 Thompson 18′ Super Lancer owned by John & Carolynn Thompson

“The Splinter” 1961 Chetek 17.5′ Empress owned by Neil & Zanetta Hoehle

“Island Girl” 1964 Lyman 25′ Sleeper owned by Mark Engstrom

“Barefoot 190” 1989 Mastercraft 19′ Barefoot owned by Jerry & Becky Caddell

“Miss D” 1956 Chris Craft 17′ Sportsman Utility owned by John & Marilyn Davenport

“Ol Yeller” 1969 Lyman 25′ Cruisette owned by Skip Langell

“Canadian Queen” 1954 Peterborough 14′ Monarch owned by Chris & Scott Schaefer

“Wave Toucher IV” 1983 Skiff Craft 24′ Cuddy Cabin owned by Dick Baner

maybe named “Molly Brown” 1960 era Century Resorter loaned to Dino & Jackie Darling

“Fifty Plus” built in 2000 from a Hacker Design owned by Ron Lyons

“Wood Carver” 1965 Carver 17′ Commander owned by Don & Kathy Parker

“Silver Bullet” 2013 Chris Craft 20′ Silver Bullet owned by Forrest & Kally Bryant

“Hannah Leigh” 1960 Thompson 17′ Sea Lancer owned by Richard & Cara Moist

1984 Colbalt 17′ CS-7 owned by Alex Barry

“A Small Victory” 1976 IMP 20′ Day Cruiser owned by Robert Schultz

Heartland Classics burgee leading many of the cruises

Paul and Kay Jenkins visit with spectators during show from their 1971 Century 22′ Coronado

“Miss Glasstron” 1966 Glastron 16′ Bayflite owned by Scott & Cathy Wallace

1989 Century 19′ Arabian owned by Chuck Gibbs

Even the herons came to admire the classics. Photo by Neil Hoehle

Thank You 

to the LOTO Rendezvous Committee led by Mark Engstrom and Jenni McGowin, Randy James and Jackie Smick, and John and Mary Mason.

Lots of planning went into making this a fun and delicious weekend complete with nautical jokes and s’mores at the bonfires.

All kinds of fun and games for the whole family – including grandkids.

Winner!       Winner!

This 2023 LOTO event was truly a RENDEZVOUS where friends gathered to use their classic boats and enjoy spring in the Ozarks. There was time to get to know each other. There was a public show on Saturday afternoon, but most of the event was planned for the enjoyment of our own members.

An active group of Classic Boat boaters live around Lake of the Ozarks.  They frequently meet for coffee and to share expertise and stories.

Find them on Facebook … Loto Classic Boats