Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake

 34 boats ~~~ 80+ people

3 to 24 hours of Cruisin’

“This has become a premier cruising event for classic boaters as evidenced by the captains coming from seven states.  How bad can life really be if you get to spend it in an old boat with old and new friends?”  John Thompson

Photos for this recap were shared by Liz Ally, Neil Hoehle, Randy James, Paul Jenkins, Kathy Parker, Lisa Robinson, and John Thompson.

Here’s what happened along the way …

June 2 – 3, 2021
Pre-Event Cruise on Bull Shoals Lake

Led by John & Carolynn Thompson in their 1950 Chris Craft “Mischief”, five boats left Sugar Loaf Marina near Diamond City, Arkansas to cruise 45 miles to the Bull Shoals Dam.  Docking overnight, the party of 11 people shuttled up to Gaston’s for meals and sleep.  Cruising back west, they then trailered to Table Rock Lake for the weekend event.

Bull Shoals Lake, literally all to ourselves.  Ninety miles round trip on the “quiet lake”.

Gathering for dinner in the Gaston’s lounge

The Classics Cruisin’ on Table Rock Lake included cruises designed for all likes:

  • really long – two-day 90 mile trip on Bull Shoals Lake

From Rock Lane Resort on Indian Point:

  • long – 80 miles round trip to Kings River
  • medium – 56 miles round trip to Campbell Point
  • short – 20 miles round trip to Port of Kimberling
  • Saturday Scavenger Hunt – about 25 miles round trip
83-year span of Chris Craft boats

1930 Chris Craft 100

 … side by side at the dock

2013 Chris Craft Silver Bullet

USCG-AUX offered Safety Checks – extra point for Harley as First Mate

Only about 20% of boats needed some toolbox aid.  Knowledgeable assistance always offered.


were often at the helm

Jenni … on Bull Shoals in Island Girl

Kay … on the way to Kings River for lunch

Lisa in “Class of 59” on shakedown cruise

If not cruisin’, we were eatin’. 

Saturday evening dinner – and speeches  …

and cake …

ANTIQUE boats attending the 2021 Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake event

1930 Chris Craft 100 named “Diamond Lil” owned by David Wysong

1936 Chris Craft Triple named “Geraldine” owned by Rick Schaffer

CLASSIC boats attending the 2021 Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake event

1949 Century Seamaid “Ain’t She Sweet” owned by Michael Vannier

1950 Chris Craft Sportsman “Mischief” owned by John & Carolynn Thompson

1955 Chris Craft Cavalier “Chickadee” owned by Richard & Cara Moist

1955 Chris Craft Corsair owned by Garin & Ashley Ferguson

1958 Century Coronado “Kimberly Jaye” owned by Karl Dietz

1959 Borum 8000 owned by Dale & Janet Roth

1959 Chris Craft Sportsman “Class of 59” owned by Lindy & Lisa Robinson

1961 Chetek Empress “The Splinter” owned by Neil and Zanetta Hoehle

1961 Lyman Runabout “Forget Me Knot” owned by Buzz & Ginny Baumann

1961 Owens Sea Skiff “PuHaps” owned by John & Marilyn Davenport

1964 Chris Craft Super Sport “All Summer Long” owned by David Bauer

1964 Lyman Sleeper “Island Girl” owned by Mark Engstrom

1966 Larson 166 owned by Randy James

1968 Century Resorter “68” owned by Phil Wolff

1969 Speedliner owned by Steve Murphy & Sunday Carlson

1970 Trojan Sea Raider “Trifecta” owned by Jerry & Becky Caddell

1971 Riva Junior “Caviar Dreams” owned by Paul Hastings

1971 Century Coronado owned by Paul & Kay Jenkins

1972 Chris Craft XK Ski Jet “XKAPE” owned by Steve Spinharney

1973 Chris Craft XK22 “Caliente” owned by Kevin Hogan

1975 Glastron CU16 owned by Logan Fure

LATE CLASSIC boats attending the 2021 Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake event

1976 IMP Aztec Hardtop “A Small Victory II” owned by Robert & Ted Schultz

1980 Aqua Lark “Small Fry” owned by Lane Fure

1980 SkiffCraft X-220 “Pretty Penny” owned by Stephen & Becky Louallen

1983 SkiffCraft Hardtop “Wave Toucher IV” owned by Dick Baner

1984 Cobalt CS7 owned by Alex & Linda Barry

1989 Century Arabian owned by Chuck Gibbs

1990 Cobalt 21 owned by Ken & Ro Everett

1995 Bryant 209 owned by David & Loretta Sheets

2013 Chris Craft Silver Bullet “Bullet” owned by Forrest & Kally Bryant

Spectators came by the hundreds on Saturday afternoon to admire these boats and reminisce with the boats’ guardians, but the point of the rest of the weekend was to use these classics, to enjoy the boats as they were intended.

Traditional Cruisin’ n Eatin’, Eatin’ n Cruisin’.

Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake opens the summer season of classic boating.  Beautiful Table Rock Lake is the perfect place to experience cruisin’ at its best, comradery with fellow guardians of the classics, and, of course, good eatin’ along the way.​

The Annual Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake

Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake is held the weekend following Memorial Day on Table Rock Lake, located in the Ozarks of southwestern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas. The popular annual event brings many members from all of the states that make up the Heartland Classics Chapter and more.