Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake

June 2, 3, and 4, 2022


 Antique to Contemporary Classic Boats
70+ ACBS Members
3 to 24 hours of Cruisin’


“This has become a premier cruising event for classic boaters as evidenced by the captains coming from seven or more states.  How bad can life really be if you get to spend it in an old boat with old and new friends?”  John Thompson

THURSDAY Classic boats began to arrive and reunions were underway.

A local TV station, KY3 NBC affiliate, promoted the event on their newscast.

Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake is known for CRUISIN‘ and EATIN‘.  So Thursday evening begins with EATIN‘  at Rock Lane Resort’s Rock Island Grill.

Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake 2022 had 25 boats ranging from Antique to Classic Contemporary AND 78 classic people.  They came from eight states.  The people, too, ranged from young to old, but all came for the chance to use their boats and have fun with friends.

FRIDAY is CRUISIN’ DAY.  It starts with breakfast at the Floating Cafe on Indian Point.  Then various cruises west on the main channel – the White River Arm of Table Rock Lake.

Along the way to Watson’s on the Water at Campbell Point, a young captain was seen at the helm.  Callen, Yancey’s grandson, not only drove Thompson’s U-22, but turned into the top salesman at Saturday’s Ship’s Store.

SATURDAY Scavenger Hunt morning went south past the dam into the Long Creek Arm cruising into Arkansas.  Added to the scavenger deeds were points given for solving nautical riddles.  Ro and Ken Everett planned the hunt and the riddles for a morning of adventure and competitive collaboration.

Randy James earns extra points for cliff dive

Randy James earned extra points for his cliff dive – brrrrr

Randy James earns extra points for cliff dive

Ro Everett shares riddle answers and announces WINNERS!

SATURDAY AFTERNOON was SHOW TIME!  Although the primary purpose of Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake is a chance to collectively enjoy using our boats, for a few hours on Saturday afternoon, the boats stay at the dock for the public to admire and learn about ACBS.

The Chapter Ship’s Store was a busy place and spectators were invited to vote for the People’s Choice Winner – which was Woodwind, the gorgeous Antique 1940 Chris Craft Barrelback owned by Buddy and Sherri Butler.

Gathering of the First Mates

SATURDAY EVENING was for dinner and salutations.  Held at a nearby convention room decorated with nautical flags and table decor, there was one more EATIN‘ experience with a scrumptious pasta buffet.

An event like Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake takes a whole crew to pull it off successfully – and they certainly did!

Becky and Jerry Caddell led the way.  Ro and Ken Everett planned the Saturday Scavenger Hunt and Riddles along with prizes for the winners.  Ro put together a fun, entertaining compilation of photos sent from cell phones by participants. Decorations and hors d’oeuvres were provided by Carolynn Thompson, Ginny Baumann, and Cara MoistJenni Webber and Mark Engstrom, aided by ace salesperson Callen, managed the successful Ship’s Store.  THANK YOU to ALL!

Super Salesman Callen

And now the REASON for it all … the unique and beautiful and colorful boats!

1968 Century Resorter FGL owned by Phil Wolff

1959 Borum Eldorado owned by David & Vicky Wann

1949 Century Seamaid owned by Michael Vannier

1976 IMP Day Cruiser owned by Robert Schultz

1971 Chris Craft Commander owned by Sunday Carlson & Steve Murphy

1950 Chris Craft Sportsman owned by John & Carolynn Thompson

1960 Thompson Sea Lancer owned by Richard & Cara Moist

1940 Chris Craft Barrel Back owned by Steve & Crista Johnson

1966 Larson 166 owned by Randy James

1958 Century Coronado owned by Kevin Hogan

1939 Chris Craft Triple owned by Daniel & Lori Henke

1972 Century Resorter owned by Doug & Stacy Heinsohn

2017 Wilson 26′ Watercar owned by Craig Hartwig

1989 Century Arabian owned by Chuck Gibbs

1960 Texas Maid 18′ Tahiti owned by Mark Engstrom

1979 Pioneer 20DA owned by Mike & Twyla Chapman

1972 Glastron CV-19 owned by Tony & Kelli Fure

1940 ChrisCraft BarrellBack owned by Buddy & Sherri Butler

2013 Chris Craft Silver Bullet owned by Forrest & Kally Bryant

1960 Chris Craft Ski Boat shown by Dale & Janet Roth

1993 Cobalt 20′ owned by Kerry & Bobbie Jensen

1995 Bryant 210 owned by David & Loretta Sheets

1959 Canton 14′ Catamaran with Greg and Larry Kuhl

1949 Chris Craft Sportsman Utility owned by Alan & Gayle Switzer

Spectators came by the hundreds on Saturday afternoon to admire these boats and reminisce with the boats’ guardians, but the point of the rest of the weekend was to use these classics, to enjoy the boats as they were intended.

Traditional Cruisin’ n Eatin’, Eatin’ n Cruisin’.

Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake opens the summer season of classic boating.  Beautiful Table Rock Lake is the perfect place to experience cruisin’ at its best, comradery with fellow guardians of the classics, and, of course, good eatin’ along the way.​

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Classics Cruisin' Table Rock Lake Mischief

The Annual Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake

Classics Cruisin’ Table Rock Lake is held the weekend following Memorial Day on Table Rock Lake, located in the Ozarks of southwestern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas. The popular annual event brings many members from all of the states that make up the Heartland Classics Chapter and more.

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