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Glen-L Frame Kit  PRICE REDUCTION: $650

Build your own boat!  This is a frame kit offered at one time by Glen-L Boats ( to build their 17’ Roustabout Runabout boat.  The kit includes the transom, stem, and all five intermediate frames constructed of mahogany and marine plywood to build the Roustabout.

Included in addition to the transom and frames are an illustrated instruction booklet Build it Yourself the Glen-L Way, a 5-page set of scale drawings 1” = 1’ for the Roustabout, an 80-page Glen-L booklet titled Glen-L Boatbuilding 101, a set of instructions specific to the 17’ Roustabout boat, and a complete materials list for building it including lumber, screws, bolts, glue, etc.

The plans indicate the boat is a deep V hull 17’ 0” long, but it could be lengthened by 10% by re-spacing the frames, resulting in a boat nearly 19’ long.  They also specify that it can be built as either an outboard powered craft (up to 135 HP), I/O power, or inboard power with V-drive.


Please call Kathy or Don Parker (417) 739-2124 with any questions or for additional info.