Dedicated to those who love and care for Vintage, Classic Boats in America’s Heartland

Going…Going…Gone!  will be the silent alarm at the 2019 SILENT AUCTION.

There will be classic treasures to be had at this year’s Silent Auction which will be at the Mahogany & Chrome Banquet held at Cherokee Yacht Club on Grand Lake on September 7 and the finale to the annual Heartland Classics Boat Show.

The auction proceeds will go to the ACBS scholarship fund and our Mahogany & Chrome magazine.  And there will be some friendly competition to see who takes home the nautical treasures.

What can you bring to contribute?  What can you look for to take home?

There will be shiny chrome, framed nostalgia, home decor, and more.

Whether you are registered (you should be by now) or not, get your classy classic paraphernalia ready for the auction!