NEWS UPDATE: This original post was started on July 31, 2020, with periodic updates through May 16, 2021.  Now this first week in November 2023, a new chapter to the story unfolds.

Through this website, a message arrived from England addressed to Bruce Hurst.  It came from Peter Jackson who lives in Kent on the River Thames.  He had been hired at age 15 to be a cook on the tug “Gondia”.  He stayed several years becoming a deckhand.  He was searching for a model of the “Gondia” when he found this original post.

Bruce has responded to Mr. Jackson with more details of his project and the reasons for his connections to the boat.

It’s another International connection because of Antique and Classic Boats.

Gondia Model Project by Bruce Hurst

Hurst Gondia Model Project

by Bruce Hurst

The tugboat I have been working on is S.T. Gondia. It was built in 1926 & scrapped in 1967. She was stationed at the Royal Docks in London so there is a strong possibility that she has aided one or all of the ships that I served on as that is where we docked.
She has a gallant history.  S.T. (steam tug) Gondia was credited with saving 100’s of troops on the Thames during World War II.
I had done the keel & frames several years ago & forgot about it till January, the model is far from perfect for various reasons but it has been fun. Model dimensions are hull length 42in., beam l0in. The superstructure is sitting on a temporary deck & it’s still work in progress.
Bruce, we’ll be eager to see the finished tug.

November 1st UPDATE — I had a very difficult time with the side rail & caps. It also has a rub rail, I had to make jigs to steam bend all the pieces. They are so small they break easily.

Patience,    patience,     patience.

December 25, 2020 UPDATE

Happy Christmas to all.
The little boat is still under construction but has made a short voyage under its own power.

May 16, 2021  UPDATE

Gondia is complete except for a bit of touch-up and looks better than the original.
Wish I could bring it to Table Rock Lake Classic Cruisin’ for her maiden voyage.