On Saturday, February 8,2020, members and guests will gather at Brent Howard’s Classic Boat Shop to listen, learn, and share techniques useful in restoring and maintaining classic boats.

Topics and presenters:

  • Brent Howard and staff will talk about his cruiser progress plus other projects in the shop.
  • A local insurance agent will discuss marine insurance for classic boats.
  • Jodee Winkle will talk about upholstery and leather; replacing, renewing, and maintenance.
  • Dan will discuss fiberglass repair and maintenance on Forrest’s Coronado.
  • Clay will discuss plank repair, replacement, and refinishing on Dan’s Cobra.

Your check list:

    Call Dan Diehl (918) 230-4508 or email dan@diehlaero.com to let him know you are coming. RSVP by Wed. Feb. 5. This provides the necessary count for ordering lunch.
    • $20 per person for registration
    • A CHAIR per person to sit on
    • Maybe a new “cool tool” or technique you’ve discovered this year
    • Maybe nautical related treasures for the silent auction
    • Donuts and coffee ready at 8:30
    • Time to visit with fellow boat enthusiasts
    • New Ship’s Store items to buy
    • Fun and/or needed items to bid on in silent auction
    • Plenty of lunch from Gambino’s Pizza (sorry, no gluten-free available)

See you at Brent Howard’s Classic Boat Shop (yes, it’s heated)

8:30 to 3:00         35602 S. 4467, Vinita, OK              (918) 693-1855

DIRECTIONS: From HWY 82, (north of Langley, OK and South of Ketchum, OK) turn east on E 350 Rd. for .7 miles.  Turn south on S 4467 Rd. for .7 miles, drive past the “Dead End” sign.  The shop is on the right.

Workshop early birds – meet for Friday night dinner at Carlos Montez Mexican Restaurant in Langley, OK (395 HWY 28)

The Annual Winter Restoration Workshop

Heartland Classics’ restoration workshop gives the opportunity for classic boaters to come together to learn and share knowledge about classic boating and the preservation of vintage and wooden classic boats.

Topics covered at past workshops include wood boat repair, boat plank replacement, stripping, staining & varnishing wooden boats, fiberglass boat repair, and engine maintenance. Heartland Classics silent auction / swap meet is held at this event and where attendees bring unwanted marine “stuff” to donate to the club for the silent auction. Proceeds help fund the Mahogany & Chrome Newsletter.

Each year the workshop is organized by the Workshop Event Chair, Dan Diehl.

Appreciation to Brent Howard and his crew at Howard Classic Boats who have hosted our group for the past 25 years in the Grand Lake shop near Ketchum, Oklahoma.

8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

$20.00 per person

Howard Classic Boats
35602 S. 4467, Vinita, OK 74301
(918) 693-1855

Registration Includes:

  • Coffee, water, donuts
  • Lunch
  • Speakers (4-5) & demonstrations
  • Q & A


From HWY 82. North of Langley, OK and South of Ketchum, OK. Turn East on E. 350 Rd, for .7-miles. Turn South on S, 4467 Rd, for .7-miles, past Dead End sign. Howard Classic Boats will be on the right.


Dedicated to those who love and care for Vintage, Classic Boats in America’s Heartland