Lake Lotawana Wooden & Classic Boat Club

presents the


 11:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M.


 Schedule For the Weekend of Rendezvous Cinq

Friday 5p.m. “Happy Hour” at Marina 27 Wood Boat Bar
Saturday 10-11am Congregate at Marina 27 Docks

Rendezvous Cinq     11am-4pm

Final cruising tour around Lake Lotawana  4pm
Happy Hour at Marina 27 @ 6:30
Dinner at Marina 27 @ 7pm

Although this event is not sponsored by the Heartland Classics Chapter of ACBS, it includes many Heartland Classics members who live at or are guests at Lake Lotawana.

Lake Lotawana, located on the southeast corner of the Kansas City, Missouri, metro area, has a growing fleet of antique and classic wooden boats.  Rendezvous Cinq is the fifth annual public show with an additional amazing collection of antique carnival attractions and classic cars in the parking lot.

Heartland Classics Members,

If you wish to participate as a guest with (or without) your wooden boat in this Lake Lotawana 2022 event, contact Forrest Bryant or (816) 896-1818

Costs for participants:
Boat entry fee – FREE
Lunch provided by Club
Dinner $130.00 per person – Dinner is optional, but those who have attended in the past highly recommend this 5+ star meal!

The host location of the event is Marina 27.  This destination event is a feast for your eyes as well as a time to enjoy fabulous food with classic friends.