Dedicated to those who love and care for Vintage, Classic Boats in America’s Heartland

Be part of the 2022

Tulsa Boat, Sport, & Travel Show

January 31  –  February 6

Held at the Tulsa State Fair, 4145 E 21st Street
at SageNet Center  – Expo Square


Be an exhibitor:

  • show off your classic boat
  • display boat motors
  • demonstrate a maintenance / restoration technique

Volunteer to be on-site to:

  • tell the public about Heartland Classics Chapter of ACBS
  • listen to thousands of stories about “my uncle had a boat just like that” etc.

Contact Chuck Gibbs for details: 
Text 918-645-9000

Take a look at last year’s 2021 Tulsa Boat Show report – such fun!

2021 Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show includes a Heartland Classics display.

The 2021 Winter Boat Show in Tulsa had lots of extra room to fill this year.  So they eagerly invited Heartland Classics members to pull together a display.

Lots of space to fill and not much lead time … Chuck Gibbs, Dan Diehl, and Steve Spinharney began calling and planning and within two weeks had NINE classic boats and the Heartland transom in place.  Forrest Bryant created and sent signs.

Open to the public Feb. 1-7, 2021.

Display participants are Steve Spinharney (Cobra), Bruce Hurst (Hacker), Davy Jones (jet boat), Chuck Gibbs (Century and outboard motor), Dan Diehl (Riva and Cobra), Alex Barry (Cobalt), Susan Miller (Chris Craft XK), Paul Hastings (Riva), Brent Howard/Dave Lunday (canoe).

“Pub Decision” is ready for the show. Thanks, Bruce Hurst.

Curtains are up, banners displayed, ready for opening day!

Of special interest … 

Spinharney’s award-winning restored 1955 Cobra is displayed with Diehl’s 1955 Cobra mid-restoration process.  Getting lots of attention.